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About us

The Roosters – a show that will not let you breathe out!

Two years ago, a bunch of boys got together for the sole purpose of having a big audience, as no one ever did! We decided to connect your art and experience from all artistic spheres and created the first Czech purely male group The Roosters Theatre – a night filled with energy, humor and exaggeration combined with dance and acrobatics, the atmosphere of which is stuck in your mind long after the end!

All year around Bohemia and Moravia, even abroad

Maybe it’s just your town that The Roosters Theatre will entertain! It awaits not only the show itself but also the whole evening with a relaxed atmosphere in the presence of male artists.

Accessible for all, also suitable for men

Do not just wait for a sneaky boy screaming around a purely female audience – it’s not a cheap striptease! A show is waiting for you where dancers play lightly and with great exaggeration with eroticism, dazzle you with your dance and acrobatics and even bring you to tears – laughter! The whole show is skillfully interwoven with exaggeration and humor, which is what the burlesque name itself suggests.

“I can say with certainty and calm heart … THAT WAS A HELL AMAZING SHOW !!!! The boys spreaded the show and did not let out one guest in the audience. Show full of humor, humorous situations, excitement, dance, theater and, of course, the erotic ones, but they serve in a great light form. There was also the physical part, by itself, the execution on the one. I have to say that even though I was a man with a clear look at my sexuality, from the beginning to the end I had fun and laughed at the whole lap, the boys really extended my life … “

Already according to this review of their Facebook rating, it may be clear to you that it really is not a show just for women! As we say in our advertisements: Also suitable for men! So, gentlemen, do not be afraid to visit our show with your partner. Very surprised and pleased with you!

Dont you know us yet?

Yes, since the first big show, it’s relatively recent. But even in such a short period, the Czech Republic quickly learned about us! We have had 17 big shows throughout the Czech Republic and countless short performances at various social events and corporate parties. The media are watching us with great interest, not only at the regional level but also at the national level! We got a story in the Top Star magazine, we even sat down on the red couch in the Show of Jan Kraus!

Until you see, you will not believe!

The Roosters on Czech soil have created a completely new unique style of entertainment, which is rapidly gaining its fans. The combination of cabaret and burlesque with a purely male element in group exits is unique not only in our country but also in the world. That you still do not know what to expect? You can explore our Facebook, The Roosters – Cabaretshow ‘or instagram to capture at least a bit of the energetic atmosphere of an unforgettable show.

Nothing, however, compares the experience with one’s own skin! I can only recommend you buy tickets for the next show, you will not regret it!